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Oregon Citizens' Lobby
Recommended Reading List

TitleThe Oregon Constitution - Week 1
AuthorState Rep. Mike Nearman
Length19 pages
Tall Weed Rating
These are the slides from the first week of State Rep. Mike Nearman's presentation on the Oregon Constitution
TitleA Brief History of Oregon Property Taxation
AuthorOregon Department of Revenue
Length10 pages
Tall Weed Rating
This is a great, non-partisan discussion of the history of property tax reform in Oregon, starting with Measure 5, which passed in 1990. It also contains a description of urban renewal agencies. Tags: 5, 50, 47, Urban Renewal, Compression
TitleHow Positions Are Created, Budgeted, and Used
AuthorLegislative Fiscal Office
Length11 pages
Tall Weed Rating
A good primer on state employees -- how they are hired, what are the rules, statistics, how personnel interacts with the budget, vacancies, separations, contracting, etc. This document does not go into much depth about unions. Tags: state, workers, employees, public, hired, contractors
TitleA Lost Generation but Renewed Hope
Oregonís Pension Crisis and the Road to Reform
AuthorScott Andrew Shepard
Mercatus Center
George Mason University
Length67 pages
Tall Weed Rating
Even though this was written by a law professor on a very dry topic, it is a very easy read for the layman. It lays out the options for PERS reform in a post Moro world, with more possibilities than you might expect. Tags: PERS, unfunded, liability
TitleAssault Weapons Ban?
Print on both sides, flip on short edge
AuthorOregon Citizens' Lobby
Length2 pages
Tall Weed Rating
A good resoponse to points raised by those who want to ban guns
TitleThe Oregon Public Employees Retirement System History
The First 60 Years
AuthorPublic Employees Retirement System
Length40 pages
Tall Weed Rating
A great history of the PERS System
TitleA Short History of American Medical Insurance
AuthorJohn Steele Gordon
Length11 pages
Tall Weed Rating
Must read history of how we got to the health insurance mess we are in. You can't effectively fix the system until you know the history and the drivers.

Oregon Citizens' Lobby is a group of citizens whose mission is to help empower Oregonians by monitoring the legislative process in Oregon. We analyze bills and track them throughout their life cycle. The bills receive a score and legislators receive a grade based upon the five core principles of Oregon Citizens' Lobby.

The result of our work is posted on this website for the public to review. Our hope is that this information will help citizens better understand proposed legislation, which will in turn allow them to give relevant testimony on bills, petition their government for redress of grievances, and hold these politicians accountable at the ballot box for their actions.

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