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2019R1 HB 2015

This bill allows illegal aliens to receive drivers license without proof of citizenship and requires ODOT to do education for use of the license, and rules to update voter requirements to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. Does not apply to Real ID, commercial drivers license or commercial drivers permit.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Allows a person when not providing a Social Security number to provide a written statement that the person has not been assigned a Social Security number to obtain a drivers license, but provides no requirement for the written statement. It doesn't even need to be in English and English isn't a requirement for the drivers license so how can they be expected to follow driving laws.

Fiscal Responsibility
For the administration of driver and motor vehicle services, funding is increased by $4,264,589.

Limited Government
A driver license, driver permit or identification card that is not a Real ID may not be used as evidence of the holder’s citizenship or immigration status for any purpose. A person may not discriminate against an individual because the individual holds or presents a form of government issued identification other than a Real ID. HB 2015A requires ODOT to do outreach in multiple languages to educate on the use of the new license. Repeals Department of Transportation ombudsman services.

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