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2019R1 SB 870

This bill enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote doing an end-run around the Constitution.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
When Oregon is lumped into a Compact with California or any state with more electoral college voting power, Oregon votes will never count because larger states will dominate the vote – if Oregon’s popular vote is for X and California votes Z, Oregon will be forced to vote for Z at the Electoral College. The Electoral College weighs every vote so smaller states are weighted more than more populated states giving Oregonians about a 1.3 vote value compared to New York’s 1.0 vote value, and Oregon has the same advantage over other states with more voters. This bill will eliminate that advantage plus reduce our voting presence since with Oregon’s current voting percentage, only 3% of Californian voters would need to vote before Oregon voters would have no say in how our Electoral votes are cast. It totally eliminates our voter sovereignty.

Limited Government
The large populous states that would dominate the vote, are also the states that vote for unlimited government and are the most expensive places to live. It will make this nation a pure democracy, which is directly opposite of our constitutional construction. Three or four populous states would be sufficient to elect a president, which would make voting in small or less populated states like Oregon irrelevant.

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