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2021R1 HB 2481 A

This bill prohibits law enforcement agencies from receiving certain military surplus vehicles, aircraft, grenades, grenade launchers, and firearms silencers from the federal government. Limits what funds can be used to purchase surplus military equipment from the federal government.

Fiscal Responsibility
Saves local law enforcement needing equipment from purchasing out of local funds.

Limited Government
In the summer of 2020, Portland law enforcement, with the assistance of federal agents, deployed rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash-bangs for more than 100 days in clashes with protestors. It has been important for Oregon Law Enforcement to be able to obtain light armored vehicles and other defensive tools at little to no cost. The vehicles are used on an extremely limited number of critical incidents where active shooters and armed suspects pose a danger to the community or law enforcement officers. The vehicle has been used to evacuate civilians from a dangerous situation by taking the vehicle right to their house and positioning it to safely place the civilians inside the vehicle and get them to a safety. This bill would limit this type of rescues putting citizens at risk.

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