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Session: 2021R1
Chamber: Senate
Legislator: Sen_Beyer

Lee Beyer
Democrat - Senate District 6
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 554 which allows colleges and universities, OHSU, and school districts to ban carried firearms in or on the grounds of “Public Buildings” even by those with Concealed Handgun Licenses. Makes it a class A misdemeanor (364 days jail and/or $6,250 fine) to possess weapon in or on the Oregon Capitol grounds, the Portland Airport and any school or university whose board has voted to preclude weapons.

The -10 Amendment has been adopted which exempts parking garages from the "grounds" of public buildings and SB 554-B is now combined with HB 2510 requiring that firearms be locked when not "under the control" of an authorized possessor or when being transferred.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 846 which recalculates the tax rebate for individual and corporate taxpayers to reduce the kicker amount by $15 million and redirect to the Department of Justice and Insurance Fund.
Incorrectly voted YES on SJR 12 which amends Oregon Constitution establishing obligation of state to ensure every resident of state access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care. It promises something impossible obligating the state to balance it against the public interest in funding public schools and other essential public services. (Incorrectly voted YES in committee)
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 286 which creates Environmental Justice Council and requires with DEQ, natural resource agencies, local agencies, officials, and community representatives to develop an environmental vulnerability assessment to determine susceptibility to environmental burdens and review and update the environmental vulnerability assessment every five years.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 299 which authorizes the creation of children’s service districts and provides authority to levy permanent property taxes and other taxes which is unnecessary, duplicative and has the effect of limiting the capacity of existing taxing jurisdictions in meeting their responsibilities.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 493 which changes how the prevailing wage for trade or occupation in a locality is set to be the highest rate of wage among collective bargaining agreements for trade or occupation in locality. (same as HB 2419)
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 70 which requires Oregon Health Authority to work with regional health equity coalitions to recognize racism on the health and well-being of communities of color and other priority populations.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SJM 5 which urges Congress to pursue viable solutions to the threat posed by climate change and to pass House Resolution 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on HB 2290 which subsidizes more EV infrastructure by allowing installation and maintenance of charging stations in state parks and properties administered by the State Parks and Recreation Dept. and authorizing electric utilities to recoup infrastructure spending from ratepayers.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of HB 2398 which requires ratcheting down energy useage of new or refurbished buildings as compared to simular existing structures. Creates code separate from and superceding the current building code. As the new code progressively reduces energy use the new level of energy use will be adopted into the building code.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 104 which authorizes Office of Emergency Management to establish programs, or authorize certain private entities to establish programs, to credential individuals as critical service providers. Provides that critical service providers may access certain geographic areas and certain supplies to perform specified functions during states of emergency.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of SB 12 which was amended to a study on importation of pharmaceuticals or travel to Mexico and Canada for public employees.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of SB 14 which establishes product stewardship program for plastic packaging and plastic food serviceware.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 186 which approves changes to administrative rules adopted by Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 291 which modifies landlords written screening criteria made available to applicants before accepting application. Limits criminal behavior landlord may consider in screening applicant. Requires landlord to conduct individualized assessment of applicant and specify any basis for denial.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of SB 313 which permits state central committee of political party to include as voting member any additional individuals designated by party.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 317 which allows holder of full on-premises sales license to make retail sales of mixed drinks and single servings of wine in sealed containers for off-premises consumption. Defines "mixed drink" and "sealed container." (Unwisely was Chief Sponsor)
Unwisely was Regular Sponsor of SB 702 which requires State Board of Education to review social studies standards by December 31, 2025. Establishes consultation requirements and considerations.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 77 which moves program that funds pilot projects in architecture, construction trades and engineering for high school juniors and seniors from Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development to Higher Education Coordinating Commission. Designates OregonServes Commission as AmeriCorps service commission for Oregon.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 101 which modifies eligibility requirements and grant amounts for tuition assistance for members of the Oregon National Guard. Allows Higher Education Coordinating Commission to adjust eligibility requirements and grant amounts based on the availability of funding to achieve more equitable distribution.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 111 which increases the spousal death benefit for PERS members who die after the earliest retirement date while still employed or within 120 days of termination from service, changes from 50% of the actuarial equivalent to the full actuarial equivalent of the service retirement allowance that would otherwise have been paid to the deceased member.
Correctly voted YES in committee on SB 2 which removes some barriers to access proton beam therapy for prostate cancer patients.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 314 which allows electric companies to recover the costs from rate payers for installing additional Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. Improperly manipulates the market of alternative-fuel vehicles by allowing power utilities to force ratepayers to subsidize any of their investments in transportation infrastructure. (Incorrectly voted YES in committee) (Unwisely was Chief Sponsor)
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 358 which allows applied behavior analysis professional to provide outpatient treatment for mental or emotional disorder or chemical dependency without patient's parental consent, and adds behavior analysis interventionists as a professional with only 40 hours of training.
Correctly voted YES on SB 405 which requires cities and counties to allow commencement of restoration or replacement of nonconforming uses damaged or destroyed private property that was interrupted as a result of a state or local COVID-19 order or the Labor Day wildfires. (also SB 465)
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 64 which creates exemption to prohibition on person under 21 years of age entering establishment where tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems are sold for purposes of investigating violations. Expands prohibition against uncertified performance of lead-based paint activities and renovation. (Incorrectly voted YES in committee)
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 65 which transfers duties, functions and powers related to COFA Premium Assistance Program and health insurance exchange from Department of Consumer and Business Services to Oregon Health Authority on June 30, 2021.
Unwisely was Regular Sponsor of SB 705 which increases the Oregon Medical Board from 14 to 17 board members. This includes two additional board members who represent physician assistants or retired physician assistants; and one new board member who represents health consumers.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 79 which authorizes Housing and Community Services Department to provide grants and technical assistance to organizations increasing homeownership program access to persons of color.
Wisely was Chief Sponsor of HB 2508 which expands access to telehealth and reimburses providers at the same rate for a health service delivered in person.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of SB 13 which voids prior and future noncompetition agreements between an employer and an employee. Limits the rights or the employer.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 154 which extends sunset of program under which property constituting solar project may be exempt and instead pay fee in lieu of property taxes. Provides that agreement between county and owner of solar project must indicate property tax treatment of land on which solar project is located and set rate of fee within range of $5,500 to $7,000 per megawatt of nameplate capacity.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 297 which includes certified judicial marshals within the definition of police officer in the Public Employees Retirement System. Provides that judicial marshal employed on effective date of Act is entitled to service in retirement system as police officer for all service performed as certified judicial marshal.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 392 which directs Department of Environmental Quality, in consultation with Public Utility Commission and State Department of Energy, to study fugitive methane emissions from natural gas production, storage, transportation and delivery.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 570 which establishes guidelines for nonprofit run product stewardship program and fund for mattresses disposal. Increases cost to the consumer when buying a new mattress.
Correctly voted YES in committee on SB 574 which allows a motorcycle between lanes of stalled traffic under certain conditions.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 711 which requires Department of Consumer and Business Services to study cost differences in hormone replacement drugs used by men and hormone replacement drugs used by women and report findings to Legislative Assembly no later than September 15, 2022.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 94 which removes the requirement that the board provides a physical location for practical skills testing.
Correctly voted YES in committee on HB 2137 which seeks to improve the public's experiences with DMV by reducing backlog, eliminating redundancy, and extending suspension on enforcement of certain rules.
Wisely was Chief Sponsor of HB 2541 which provides that licensed optometrist may perform specified ophthalmic surgery procedures. Defines "ophthalmic surgery." Removes requirement that optometrist treating patient with antiglaucoma medication consult with ophthalmologist.
Correctly voted YES in committee on HB 2564 which establishes Willamette Falls Locks Authority as public corporation to establish and exercise operational authority over the Willamette Falls Locks project and its associated properties and facilities.
Correctly voted YES on SB 103 which transfers duty to prepare written animal emergency operations plan to the State Department of Agriculture in cooperation with Department of Human Services in developing a plan. Brings emergency planning under the agency that oversees general operations.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 141 which makes percentage of partial property tax exemption for property of vertical housing development projects proportional to allocation of equalized floors to residential housing or low income residential housing, without rounding up or down. Adjusts calculation of percentage of property to be exempt from taxation to be the lesser of 20% times the number of equalized floors or 80%.
Unwisely was Chief Sponsor of SB 167 which provides that assessed value of property may be value determined to be necessary to effect fairness and equity in assessed values of property and property in same area in same property class, provided value so determined is not greater than maximum assessed value or real market value of property.
Correctly voted YES on SB 169 which changes the noncompeting agreement to mean a written agreement, with certain requirements of notice.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 184 which allows job applicants to satisfy the eligibility requirement of separation from military service under honorable conditions, with certification that separation from service is expected within 120 days, in order to claim veterans' preference in public employment. Replaces reference to "preference" points with "percentage" points.
Correctly voted YES on SB 230 which authorizes Western Oregon University, Southern Oregon University and Eastern Oregon University to offer professional doctoral degrees.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 318 which places another unnecessary burden on privately owned electric utilities due to redundant regulation. (Unwisely was Chief Sponsor)
Correctly voted YES on SB 45 which prohibits a life insurance policy from excluding coverage for loss of life that results from another person's act of terrorism.
Correctly voted YES in committee on SB 560 which requires insurer to count payments made on behalf of enrollee or on behalf of an enrollee by another person when calculating out-of-pocket maximum or any other cost-sharing.
Correctly voted YES on SB 562 which requires Oregon's judicial system to recognize tribal customary adoptions, which ensure that Native children who are surrendered or placed for adoption can remain connected to their tribe. Incorporates federal Indian Child Welfare Act provisions into state law concerning voluntary adoptions and certain adjudicated youth.
Incorrectly voted YES in committee on SB 57 which modifies fees for disposal of hazardous wastes. Authorizes Department of Environmental Quality, in consultation with Environmental Quality Commission, to adjust established fees for disposal of hazardous waste.
Incorrectly voted YES on SB 588 which removes the exemption for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement when benefits are provided by a joint multiemployer-employee trust or benefit plan and provides that employer signatories meet the state sick leave requirements if the terms of the agreement provide sick leave benefits or other paid time off that is substantially equivalent to or more generous than the minimum requirements established in state law.
Correctly voted YES on SB 83 which requires Oregon Youth Authority to collaborate with the county juvenile departments to divert youth offenders from commitment to the youth correction facilities to alternative community services.

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